Cutie Lace Top 8174



สีขาว สีดำ

Categories : Chilling Style fashion


A lace shirt that is worn to make it look cute. It has a minimal style in the concept of a cute little dress 100% easy to match, suitable for all ages. Combined with the comfort of the shirt that does not make it damp Well ventilated, wear and happy, ready to go everywhere.
Round neck cotton lace shirt with short sleeves. Relaxed fit

- Detail of shell buttons
- Work embroidered cloth on the forearm. And the hem of the shirt is curved
- Full body embroidered muslin fabric.

Product Code No 8174

Black white


Chest 44 "
Shoulder width 14 "
24 "arm circumference
Sleeve length 15 "
Male cycle 56 "
Model, 31-26-32, weight 47 kg, height 168 cm.

Price 590 baht
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