Floral pattern jumpsuit, slim chilling



สีขาว สีกรม

Categories : Chilling Style fashion


Made for girls who are looking for a cute outfit to chill out. Comfortable to wear and also helps to hide the body With a V-neck shirt Rubber waist circumference To see fit With sleeveless detailing for a fluttering look, while also camouflage the arm well

Going to a cafe, walking in, Super must have a cute outfit ready to leave the house next month.

Code 1303-1

Fine muslin fabric

White department

Freesize Bust 36 "Shoulder 13" Arm circumference 18 "Sleeve 9"

Stretched Waist 24 "-28" Hips 38 "Thigh 20"

Shoulder length to hem 51 "

Both models are tall, close to each other high.

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