Buddy Cute Set Lace version



สีเหลือง สีขาว สีชมพู สีฟ้า สีโอรส สีชมพูบานเย็น

Categories : Face Mask


Beautiful and sweet With cotton lace fabric, beautiful pattern, not old-fashioned look, look expensive, look different in style

Buddy Eyebrow Set Lace version With 4-layer version of the mask, confidently protected, can be worn on 2 sides with a bow hair clip Go in cute outfits

✔️ First layer, good quality cotton lace Beautiful pattern, looks expensive

✔️ Protect 4 layers, the middle layer is muslin (hemp cloth, muslin, virus resistant The best dust-proof) And the veira cloth makes the mask beautiful and not bias

✔️ Can be worn on 2 sides, the other is colored cotton

✔️ Gift bow. The gift clip is very easy to clip. The hair clip doesn't eat hair.

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