Face-Mask Plaid Pattern


สก็อตน้ำตาล สก็อตกรม

Categories : Face Mask


Authentic cotton mask from RED APPLE. Plaid pattern, detailed pattern, polite color, easy to wear. Match with any outfit, cute.

Protect you from dust and viruses with all 4 layers of fabric, which is special, can be put on both sides, the other is a classic cotton fabric. For you to easily match with every outfit

✔️ The first layer, Tokai original cotton fabric, soft, shiny texture, fine woven

✔️ Protect 4 layers, the middle layer is muslin (hemp cloth, muslin, virus resistant The most dustproof) / and Viraene fabric makes the mask look beautiful and not biased

✔️ can put on 2 sides

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