Face-Mask Blossom Pattern



สีฟ้าอ่อน สีกรม สีน้ำตาล

Categories : Face Mask


Authentic cotton mask from RED APPLE. Floral pattern, big flower pattern. Cut with the color of the leaves Blends together with the color of the fabric perfectly. For people to wear and look outstanding Looks very much.

Protect you from dust and viruses with all 4 layers of fabric, which is special, can be put on both sides, the other is a classic cotton fabric. For you to easily match with every outfit

✔️ The first layer, Tokai original cotton fabric, soft, shiny texture, fine woven

✔️ Protect 4 layers, the middle layer is muslin (hemp cloth, muslin, virus resistant The most dustproof) / and Viraene fabric makes the mask look beautiful and not biased

✔️ can put on 2 sides

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